Human Rights Working Group

In its decision of February 2012 the Hungarian government founded the Human Rights Working Group with the main purpose of monitoring the implementation of human rights in Hungary, consulting with civil society organisations, representative associations, professional organizations and constitutional bodies, as well as promoting professional communication regarding human rights in our country.

The Human Rights Working Group also monitors the implementation of the fully or partially accepted recommendations made at the 11th meeting of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Working Group. It makes recommendations for the government and other administrative bodies involved in legislation and application of the law to provide regulations that allow for a wider representation of human rights and oversees the implementation of these regulations.

The chairman of the Human Rights Working Group is the State Secretary for Parliamentary Affairs from the Ministry of Justice.

The members of the Working Group are:

- State Secretary for Parliamentary Affairs, Ministry of Interior

- from the Ministry of Human Resources:

- State Secretary for Parliamentary Affairs, Ministry of Defence

- from the Ministry of Justice:

- from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

- State Secretary for Labour Market and Vocational Training Affairs, Ministry of National Economy

- State Secretary for Environmental Affairs, Agricultural Development and Trademarks, Ministry of Agriculture

The Working Group also operates a Human Rights Roundtable to carry out discussions with civil societies, representative associations and professional organizations examining the implementation of human rights. The Roundtable also makes recommendations in connection with the activities and tasks of the Working Group. Its members discuss current human rights issues and write proposals for the decision makers in thematic workgroups.